The gallery contains a selection of photographs from recent events attended by the President and is updated from time to time. In the event that you wish to use a photograph displayed in the gallery, please contact Beth Mackay, Event Coordinator, Office of the President ( for further information.

Residence Life Reception


President’s Awards & Provost’s Honour Roll


Health Sciences Convocation Fall 2017


Engineering & Science Convocation Fall 2017


Business, Humanities, & Social Sciences Convocation Fall 2017


Convocation Dinner Fall 2017


International Students Reception


Provost’s Farewell


Engineering Afternoon Ceremony June 2017


Engineering Morning Ceremony June 2017


Science Afternoon Ceremony June 2017


Science Morning Ceremony June 2017


Social Sciences Afternoon Ceremony June 2017


Social Sciences Morning Ceremony June 2017


Humanities and Arts & Science June 2017


Nursing and Medical Radiation Science June 2017


Business Convocation June 2017


Convocation Dinner June 2017

Residence Life Reception December 2016


President’s Awards & Provost’s Honour Roll Reception


Fall Convocation  2016


Convocation Dinner November 2016


International Students Reception November 2016


Student Awards October 2016


Student Success March 2016


Provost Awards March 2016


Grad Athletes 2016


Convocation Dinner Spring 2016

President + Provost Awards 2015


Grad Athletes – March 2015


Student Success – March 2015


Student Residence Life

International Students November 2014


Student Leaders October 2014


Fall Convocation 2014


Convocation Dinner Fall 2014


Convocation Dinner Spring 2014